Sunday, 12 September 2010

Fujairah National Dairy Farm 10.9.10

Had a drive over to the North East coast on Friday to visit FNDF,  known for it's migrant drop ins.
First light as I approached Dibba revealed 12 Brown-Necked Ravens flying in formation.   Some settled on a nearby fence before heading off back into the desert.   Arrived at the farm and over the course of the next couple of hours noted the following :

Spotted Flycatcher
Lesser Grey Shrike
Southern Grey Shrike
Isabeline Wheatear
Pied Wheatear
Wood Sandpiper
Green Sandpiper
Curlew Sandpiper
Cattle Egret
Citrine Wagtail
Grey Wagtail
Temminck's Stint
Pale Crag Martin
Sand Martin
Barn Swallow
Menetries Warbler
Eastern Olivaceous Warbler
Bengal Weaver
Indian Roller
European Roller
Crested Lark
Bank Myna

Pied Stonechat was noted by a friend of mine but I dipped on that one :-(

Brown-necked Raven
(Corvus ruficollis)

Teminck's Stint
(Calidris temminckii )

Citrine Wagtail
(Motacilla citreola)

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler
(Iduna pallida)

Curlew Sandpiper
(Calidris ferruginea)

Bengal Weaver
(Ploceus benghalensis)

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  1. Another nice serie! You stopped the action very nicely on the Citrine Wagtail shot