Monday, 23 February 2015

Eagles in Hungary

I recently took a trip to the Hortobágy National Park in Hungary, staying in a small town called Balmazújváros.  I had previously photographed a White-tailed Sea Eagle in Scotland but had not been prepared with the right focal length at the time photographing from a boat.   Therefore I felt the lure of the chance to photograph many birds from the hides of Sakertour, an example of which can be seen below.  The hides use reflective glass which I was a little unsure about but certainly needn't have been, slight loss of light but not significant especially when the sun was shining !  I entered the hides at 5:30am well before sunrise and left late afternoon after all the birds had left.  That way the Eagles never know that there are humans in such a close vicinity.  It's a great chance to spend 10 hours or so observing at close range the behaviour of not only the Eagles but other birds too.  A very stimulating experience indeed !

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The following images show a sequence in which an Immature Eagle takes on a more mature bird and loses !   I didn't see too many squabbles of this nature so feel lucky I was able to capture the action.
Other images from the trip can be seen here Flikr

White-tailed Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) aggression