Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 30.10.10

I was kindly invited onto the reserve last Saturday to look for Long-legged Buzzard that had been regularly seen near watering holes in the reserve.  Having arrived early in the morning I actually saw one sat on a Sand Dune in the distance before I had even entered the gate - a very nice quick result !   This was added to with a lovely Desert Warbler and Menetrie's Warbler, unfortunately the pictures are not worthy of my Blog :-)   However a shot of a Desert Warbler inside the reserve has been added (as it's not too bad !).   We drove around the dunes for a little while (testing my sand driving skills to the max !) and eventually found an area with many Ghaf trees,  two Buzzards were being harrased by a Desert Eagle Owl but the tables were soon turned as the Owl was forced to dive for cover at the base of a tree.   All too distant I'm afraid for any decent pics.
One of the Rangers received a call to say 4 Lappet-Faced Vultures (lifer for me !) had been seen at another watering hole about a 30 minute drive away.  What I hadn't realised was that the estimation of 30 minutes was at break-neck speed. Unfortunately however the birds had left by the time we got there,  all that remained were 2 birds soaring at high altitude - Oh well,  always next time :-)  I have to say though the drive was the most exciting part of the day driving at 40-50km/hr over Sand (my very own roller-coaster) and was a real adrenalin rush !  I am proud to say that during the 4 hours in the desert I did not get stuck once unlike last time (twice !)  There is always plenty to see and photograph in the reserve and I enjoy this place very much.  I have added some pics of the various wildlife encountered during the drive.

Thanks again to DDCR and the guys (you know who you are!)

 Young Male Sand Gazelle
(Gazella subgutturosa marica)
 Arabian Oryx
(Oryx leucoryx)
 Asian Desert Warbler
(Sylvia nana )
 Yellow Spotted Agama 
(Trapelus flavimaculatus)

 Arabian Gazelle
(Gazella arabica)
 Arabian Gazelle
(Gazella arabica)
 Arabian Gazelle
(Gazella arabica)
Desert Monitor Lizard
(Varanus griseus)


  1. Love the gazelle's dan the oryx...very nice animal! Great image you captured ;)